Yes! If you're a member (thank you!), you have a few options for how to enjoy your Bonus Content–one of which includes customizing a personal feed to your liking. You can choose which shows you'd like to show up in your custom BoCo feed by going to your account management page. To get to that page, follow the instructions at and click the Magic Link that is emailed to you (be sure to check your spam just in case).

Once you're on your page, you'll be able to customize your unique BoCo feed with the shows of your choice, as well as get a feed with every bit of BoCo audio we've got. 

Maybe you want to set your custom BoCo feed to automatically download, but also subscribe to the feed with all of the BoCo so you can check in on what the rest of the network is up to. You've got options!

Here's a handy video Danny Baruela made to walk you through customizing your BoCo feed. If you're still having a tough time getting your custom BoCo feed, please email us at