Probably! Many podcast apps allow users to add private RSS feeds, but there are a few widely used apps that haven't added that feature yet (for example, Spotify doesn't currently support adding a private RSS feed, sorry!). 

If you go to your account page by following the instructions at and clicking your Magic Link, you'll be able to see a couple of the apps that do support private feeds. You can either copy and paste your BoCo RSS feed from that page, or–if you're on your phone– you can tap one of the podcast app icons to have it open up directly in your app.

If you aren't able to get bonus content on your app, you can always stream or download it too! Instructions on how to do that will also be on your account management page. (Plus, that streaming page has some extras like videos and digital art that don't show up in the RSS feed, so it's fun to pop in there every now and then for that stuff even if you do use an app.)