Some folks just don't want another recurring monthly charge, we totally understand!  Having memberships that recur monthly is still what works best for us and our shows for a number of reasons, but we've got something that we think will work well for you, too!

It's not exactly an annual membership–it's still a membership that recurs monthly–but you can pre-pay for twelve months in one transaction. So if you'd like a $5/month membership, you can toggle over to "pre-pay" and you'll be charged $60 upfront. Every month, your membership will pull from that balance. 

When that balance is running out, we'll send you an email to let you know. If you don't opt to either add more to your balance at that time (or decide to pause or cancel your membership), your membership will start to recur monthly again. So, you won't be charged another full $60—unless you opt to add to your balance–you will just start being charged $5/month.

Please note that if you do choose to pre-pay, we will not be able to refund any months that have been debited. We'll only be able to refund what's left on your balance. 

This is a new feature for us, so please let us know if you have any questions!