One of the best parts about being a Maximum Fun member (besides the good feeling you get knowing you are directly supporting the shows you love) is that you get access to a whole bunch of Bonus Content as a thank-you for your support! Bonus Content–or BoCo, as we call it–comes in the form of behind-the-scenes episodes, one-off ideas, crazy crossovers, live shows, videos, wallpapers, and more! There's over 500 hours of fun stuff available to anyone who supports Maximum Fun with $5 a month or more.

How to get it:

Here's a handy video Danny Baruela made to walk you through getting your BoCo feeds! 

If you're a member (thank you!), you have a few options for how to enjoy that Bonus Content. All of them are going to be found on your account management page, which you can get to by following the instructions at and clicking the Magic Link that is emailed to you (be sure to check your spam just in case).

Once you're on your account management page, you'll see a button for "Bonus Digital Content"--select that. From that next page, you can get a custom BoCo link that you can copy and paste into your podcast app that includes the shows of your choice. There’s also a feed with every bit of BoCo we've got from across the network. 

Maybe you want to set your custom BoCo feed to automatically download, but keep the feed with all of the BoCo so you can check in on what the rest of the network is up to. You've got options! And because these feeds are yours alone, there won’t be any need for you to update them every year. You’ll get the newest BoCo right to your feed as long as you’re a member.

You'll also still be able to stream episodes, watch videos, or download other digital goodies from a link on that page. So head over to to get started with whichever method works best for you!

If you're still having trouble gaining access to the bonus content, you can always email