First of all, thank you so much, you amazing member you! Your ongoing support makes it possible for our hosts, producers, and staff to have consistent income year-round. You play huge part in making your favorite shows possible!
While all members get the gift of new bonus content from all shows every year, the physical MaxFunDrive gifts are a thank-you to folks who commit to joining or upgrading their membership. Because such a high percentage of your membership contributions go directly to supporting the shows, it's not financially feasible for us to send new gifts to all members every year. But we understand that the gifts are special and do have a way for you to get some of them.
For folks at the $10 membership level or higher, we will put the stickers on sale, as we have for patches and pins in past years, with the proceeds benefiting charity. So if you're at $10+, and can't afford to upgrade, you will still be able to buy stickers from every show you like during the sticker sale! We also will have one sticker available for folks at any membership level, just like last year. So there's still a way to get some limited-edition merch while you continue to support your favorite shows!