If you're at MaxFun member at the $5 monthly level or higher, you get access to over 200 hours of bonus content! The current bonus content information is emailed to you when you first sign up, and the new password is sent out right around the start of the annual MaxFunDrive. It's an email blast that goes out to a members-only segment on our MaxFun mailing list. Members should have received an email containing the current password for the bonus content hub. Search your inbox, spam folder, and promotions tab for an email with "bonus content" in the subject line that was sent on May 3, 2021 from membership@maximumfun.org.

You can also view the current bonus content password at any time by going to maximumfun.org/manage and entering the email associated with your membership in the box found there. When you click "Look Me Up!" you'll be sent an email with a link to manage your membership. That email has the current password near the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can follow that link, and the bonus content password will be displayed on that page along with your membership information. 

Once you find the password, go to maximumfun.org/boco and enter the password in the field there. You can either stream bonus content right from that page, or copy the URL for the private RSS feed and add it to your podcast app (most - but not all - podcast apps support private feeds). Enjoy!