As you probably know, we have to wait until after the MaxFunDrive and the pin sale are over in order to figure out the exact quantity of items to order. Once we spend some time in spreadsheets and have those numbers, we place the orders with the different manufacturers. Depending on the gift, it can take quite a bit of time for the items to be manufactured (for example, one of this year's MaxFunDrive gifts takes 3 months to make). 

When the gifts have been manufactured, they get shipped to our fulfillment center in Virginia where they are packed up and mailed out. Since our Drive was later than usual this year, we are now running up against the holidays -- which are an extremely busy time both for manufacturing and fulfillment centers.

So, for all of those reasons, it's gonna be a while before you get your gift!

We anticipate that MaxFunDrive gifts will ship in January. We will send another email when gifts are about to start shipping, and will send a tracking number once your gift has shipped.

If you purchased pins from our pin sale, those will run on a similar timeline, but will be shipping separately out of a different fulfillment center.

Thanks for your support and patience!