Well, to be totally honest, it's the main source of income for some of our hosts. And, while it's important to us and our hosts to keep our shows free, we still believe that artists deserve to be paid for their work. We've also heard from a lot of folks about how MaxFun shows have been really important to them and their mental health throughout the past couple of months. The MaxFunDrive is a time when we all get to hang out online to celebrate MaxFun and enjoy each other's company. And a lot of us could probably use some company right now.

We totally understand that current events may have impacted your finances. If this is not the right time for you to join or upgrade your membership, that's totally ok! We'll have ways for you to support MaxFun at every level - including some ways that won't cost you anything at all.

Most importantly, we want the 2020 MaxFunDrive to highlight all the ways we support each other and our communities. We couldn't do it without you! <3