It depends on the monthly membership level you choose. The MaxFunDrive is the one time of year we offer our amazing limited edition gifts for $10 - $200 monthly members. All gifts are cumulative, so if you join at or upgrade to the $10 level, you get the $10 and $5 gift; if you join at the $20 monthly membership level, you get the $20, $10, and $5 gift, and so on. You can see photos and descriptions of all of this year's gifts at

Everyone who starts at the $5 monthly membership (or maintains an existing membership - thank you!) will get access to over two hundred hours of bonus content right away! There's a fresh batch of bonus content every year as a thanks to the members who continue to contribute to the shows they love year after year.

If you are already a Maximum Fun monthly member, thank you! You've been emailed the new password for the bonus content, and you can get in on those physical gifts if you decide to upgrade to the next membership level. We'll also be holding our pin sale for charity again if you're a $10+ member who is comfortable where you are and have your eye on any of those pins. Thank you again!