One of our absolute favorite things about the MaxFunDrive is MaxFun Meetup Day. It’s a really fun day where folks all across the globe get together in person with MaxFunsters in their area. Every year, new stories come in about how folks who met at MaxFun Meetup Day have become actual real life friends who actually hang out throughout the year.

This year, MaxFun Meetup Day is on Thursday, March 21 this year, and you can find a list of current meetup locations at We're hoping that MaxFunsters all across the world will pick a place to show up and be podcast buddies in real life. If you don't see your city on that list, pick a cafe or a bar or any place where a bunch of folks can gather and chat, make a Facebook event for it, then email to let us know all the details. They'll add it to the main list on our site so folks can find you!