Ultimately, it's folks who give (even a little) on a continuing basis who pay for our shows. One-time contributions are a less effective way to support our shows for two reasons. First, they are inconsistent, and make it very difficult to plan a show with a sustainable budget. Second, you have to keep asking for them over and over, and asking for money also costs money (in terms of time and resources). Monthly contributions (again, even small ones) give our shows a consistent budget to plan their year. They also mean we don't have to inconvenience people (and lose members) by asking them to sign up repeatedly. That said, we understand that a one-time contribution is the only option for some folks, and of course we'll happily accept it and put it toward the cost of general network operations. You can contribute online here or mail a check to Maximum Fun, 2404 Wilshire Blvd. #9A, Los Angeles, CA 90057.